Dining sets

Rubber trees (Havia brazila) the trees that producing latex for rubber industry since 30 years ago. Originally the trees were grown for 15 years before giving latex. For a period of 10 -15 years after that they will have to be replantted. It was not before 1980 that Japanese technology was introduced to make use of the wood instead of burning as charcoal. Japanese collecting the wood and provide treatment to get rid of fungi and insects inside the wood by the method of vacum. Then the furninture business was started and become so popular in Japan market of Dining set being made of Thai Rubber wood.

There are about 50 factories who make good production supply to the market in Japan and USA, with the technology from Japan and design from Japan, USA, and even Europe, Rubberwood furniture are welcomed to the market for its properties of environment friendly as they are cultiveated trees and being replanted all the time.