Complicated declarations? TRACES NT ?  New items?  New customs legislation?


OVERSEAS 789 is an independent customs agent with many years of experience in customs handling, goods classification and international trade.

     . Legal valuation of merchandise

  • Duty & tax assessment
  • Classification of goods
  • Maintenance of record
  • Temporary import procedures
  • Permanent import/export procedures
  • Consultancy services
  • Transit and bonded goods handling

Arlanda Airport is a central hub for Sweden’s trade and an important node for international transport. With thousands of shipments passing through every day, the need for an experienced and reliable customs partner is of great importance.

We have been exporting selected agricultural produces and general products from THAILAND to the world’s market since 2010.

With the long experience, we are confidence to present ourselves as one of the most competitive and efficient supplier in the field. Moreover, most vital factor in our business practice is the quick attention and response.

We always at your services.