Sweet Tamarind (® texted patented.)
Tamarind tree is widely grown in many parts of the world especially in the tropical countries, for its beauty and its fruit. Pethchaboon the famous province of Sweet tamarind is our orignated product.

We collect the crops and select them whith grading to A+. For convenient consumption we put these raw material passing through several hygiene process after taken out the seeds.

Packed in the nice presentation as gifts to you and your love ones.

Heath Benefits of Tamarind
Beta-carotene and several phytochemicals in Tamarind are recommened by scientist as antioxidants for many reasons one of them being in the reduction in risk of cancer.

Calcium in Tamarind are vital to increase bone and teeth density.
Magnesium (Mg) and iron (Fe) also increase hemoglobin level.